Amberstorm is a torbie and white she-cat with amber eyes a few scars


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On the BlogEdit

Amberstorm likes to review names, write articles, review fanfictions and write her own. She's fairly active and isn't really close to anyone at all. Well, expect of course Sunny, also known as Sundance. (ALSO WINTERPAW OMG THEY'RE BESTIES RIGHT AMBER? Yes, sounds right.). And yes, Winterpaw is pretty awesome too.

Trailing StarsEdit

She appeared in chapter 15.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel Edit

Coming soon.


- She's been a member since August 2012

-She became a Warriors fan on September 2011

-She's known as Amberstorm233 on the Blog, Deviantart and

-She loves to draw and write

-She wants to either be a writer or vet when she's older

- As of February 2016, she has 27 goats, 2 dogs, a llama, and 5 chickens

- As of July 2016, Amber now has 22 goats(three beloved one passed on and two went missing), 2 dogs, a llama and five chickens

- Before she decided on her current name, Amberstorm thought of Amberheart and Amberbreeze

- Her favorite Warriors character is Squirrelflight and she believes she gets way more hate/dislike than she deserves. On top of that, Amber believes Squirrelflight was a good choice for deputy and would make a good leader for ThunderClan.