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The BlogClan Allegiances is where the members of BlogClan are listed.

Current Allegiances



CAKESTAR – long-haired dark reddish-brown tabby she-cat with pale amber eyes


CHEETAHSPARK – sleek black-spotted tan she-cat with emerald-green eyes



GOLDENFAWN – small fluffy ginger-and-white cat with light green eyes



HAZELBURROW – hazel cat with white legs and turquoise eyes

FLAMESHINE – black-and-ginger she-cat with blue-and-green eyes

JAYFROST – grey-brown tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail and dark amber eyes

KAT – fluffy cream-and-brown tortoiseshell cat with grey eyes

EMBERDAWN – dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes

ICEFLOWER – black-and-white she-cat with yellowish-green eyes

EAGLECLAW – jet-black tom with azure-blue eyes

WILLOWLIGHT – grey mink she-cat with darker stripe and aqua and green eyes

BRAMBLEFIRE – golden brown tabby demi-tom with darker brown stripes and blue eyes

RUSSETFEATHER – russet tabby she-cat with a white ear tip and dark green eyes

MAPLEDRIFT – dark ginger cat with white flecks, blue eyes and tufted ears


WILLOWSTEP – mottled grey tabby she-cat with white chest and pale green eyes

MOONBREEZE – lithe dark grey tabby she-cat with pale turquoise eyes

RAINSHINE – small light grey spotted tabby she-cat with blue eyes


BIRCHFOOT – long-furred black she-cat with blue eyes

MOJOFLIGHT – long-furred brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes


PINEBLOSSOM – dark red tabby she-cat with darker paws, pale tail tip, and pine green eyes

MONKEYFUR – orange and white tabby tom with jade green eyes and a skinny long tail

SWANFEATHER — white she-cat with black markings dark green eyes

FROSTFIRE — snowy-white she-cat with ice blue eyes


SNOWBREEZE – dark grey she-cat with light cream chest and tail-tip, freckles and blue eyes

FLAMECLOUD — white she-cat with dark ginger tabby patches and bright green eyes

BLUEBELLSPONGE — fluffy dark grey-blue cat with dark blue eyes

BLUEHEART — lithe, broad-shouldered, dark blue-grey she-cat, with piercing dark blue eyes

WAFFLEHEART — fluffy chocolate calico with lilac eyes

AURORALIGHTS — grey-blue tabby tom with emerald eyes

FALCONSTORM — tan she-cat with brown patches and amber eyes

FALLOWHEART — pale brown tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes and white paws

DARKWING — black she-cat with a white paw and tail-tip and green eyes

SPARKSHIMMER — sandy-gold she-cat with jet-black paws

LILYBREEZE — fluffy brown-tabby she-cat with white patches and pine-green eyes


WILLOWSTRIPE — silvery-grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a white belly

FLAMESTREAK — ginger she-cat with green eyes, darker paws, and white marks under eyes

STARMIST — black she-cat with white star-like flecks and dark brown eyes


EAGLEFLIGHT — golden-tabby she-cat with a white-chest and emerald-green eyes


MOONSPIRIT — fluffy tan-and-brown she-cat with light green eyes and darker underbelly

CHEETAHHEART — slim yellow she-cat with black markings and jade green eyes

FIREMOON — sleek orange cat with red-ish brown paws and tail-tip, round blue-grey eyes


BLOOMINGLIGHT — blue-grey cat with lighter markings, freckles, blue eyes, and yellow flower


FEATHERCLAW — pale tan norwegian forest tom with light brown markings


DAWNMIST — pale blue tom with white spots on chest

AMBERSTRIPE — she-cat with long sandy fur and an orange stripe down her back and pale orange eyes

DIAMONDEYE — pale calico with bright blue eyes

THISTLETOOTH — grey cat with dark blue eyes with scars


EAGLEWING — dark brown cat with yellow eyes and ripped ear

BELLAFANG — calico she-cat with scars on her belly

KOISHINE — calico she-cat with green eyes, long fur, eartufts, and pale red freckles under her eyes

ECHOMOON — small white cat with dark brown nose and ears, light brown markings, one yellow and blue eye

CLOUDSHADE — small, slim white cat with a long, thick tail and sky blue eyes

SILVERSTORM — silver cat with white belly and turquoise eyes

SPARKFIRE — fiery-orange she-cat with darker orange spark-shaped patches and emerald green eyes

HOLLYTAIL — pretty long furred silver and white tabby she-cat with green-brown eyes and a plumy tail


AMBERLEAF — ginger she-cat with white tabby markings and green eyes

SPIRITCLOUD — pretty light grey and dark grey with a bit of black and white she-cat

TINYLIGHT — super duper small blue lynx point she-cat


OAKBREEZE — russet she-cat with white muzzle, chest, paws, and tail tip and pretty green eyes

HAZELMIST — light brown she-cat with white flecks, dark-brown markings, and green eyes


ROSEFROST — white she-cat with white fur, pink colored eyes, scar on nose, and fluffy short tail

THRIFTHEART — short, black-and-white chimera and spotted tomcat with heather-colored eyes


NORWAY — Pale, brown-grey molly with brown tabby markings, pale, cream-grey markings and light, icy-blue eyes

SUNFLARE — golden tabby cat with startling blue eyes and white paws

DEWTAIL — thick-furred blue-gray she-cat with small white spots and blue-green eyes

HAZELCLOUD — fluffy white she-cat with large ginger tabby spots and hazel eyes

WILLOWWING — silver broken mackerel tabby she-cat with white front paws and blue eyes

FINCHWING — light ginger tabby with green eyes

WAVEROSE — cream she-cat with a bobbed tail, curled ears and amber eyes

LEAFFLUTTER — golden she-cat with darker swirl tabby stripes, lighter underbelly and bright green eyes


SHININGHEART — light brown she-cat with long hair and indigo eyes

RIVERSTORM — burly dark grey she-cat with lighter grey markings

LIONFROST — golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes and neck fluff

WOLFSONG — muscular lilac-grey she-cat with blue eyes, paler markings, and long fur

BEETLEBEE — tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

FLAMESTREAK — ginger she-cat with dark paws, white flash, and green eyes

VIXENSONG — she-cat with a long ginger, white and black pelt like a fox

BLACKNIGHT — pitch-black cat with golden-yellow eyes

TROUT — sandy blue cat with gray stripes

OWLHEART — brown she-cat with white, grey, and dark brown patches

MOTHPETAL — dilute tortoiseshell tom with hazel eyes

SPECKLEDLEAF — fluffy golden she-cat, with darker leaf-like markings, and dark green eyes

PEBBLEROSE — fluffy, muscular silver she-cat with fire ombré eyes, hair over one eye and purple nose


APPLEFLOWER — red-and-cream she-cat with bright green eyes

DOVESTREAM — light gray cat with white markings and blue eyes

BRISTLELIGHT — lithe, fluffy, silver-and-white she-cat with bright green eyes

RIPPLE’MOON — black tom with silver swirls and blue eyes

ROOTFUR — light brown cat with lighter markings and bright green eyes

QUILLSLIP — chubby tortoiseshell tom with bright green eyes



VIPERFROST – black tabby she-cat with dark grey paws, muzzle, and chest, electric cyan eyes

SANDPAW — fluffy bright orange she-cat with forest-green eyes

TREEPAW — sturdy light brown tom with brown splotches and forest-green eyes

TURTLEPAW — orange cat with green eyes, white paws, a pale grey chest, and a white tail tip

SLATEPAW — sleek grey she-cat with white markings and green and blue eyes

RAVENPAW — fluffy black-and-white she-cat with blue-and-green eyes

POPPYPAW — tall, semi-fluffy silver she-cat with dark green eyes

STORMPAW — white-and-grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes

AMBERPAW — pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes

FERNPAW — blue-grey cat with white speckled points

SHIMMERPAW — tall, light grey cat with white markings

SHIMMERPAW — silver she-cat with darker stripes, white markings, and blue eyes

ICEPAW — pale grey tabby she-cat with white markings and ice-blue eyes

BRIARPAW — small light brown tabby she-cat with white markings and pale green eyes

SNOWPAW — pure white she-cat with curly fur and blue eyes

FLECKEDPAW — small light grey cat with dark grey patches and white-and-grey flecks

VANILLAPAW — sleek cream-coloured she-cat with amber eyes and brown markings

EMBERPAW — sleek black she-cat with white paws and forest green eyes and white freckles

WILLOWPAW — pale silver-grey she-cat with ice-blue eyes

NIGHTPAW — black tom with bright blue eyes

FROGPAW — long furred brown tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes and a long tail

VALLEYPAW — white and pale grey tabby she-cat with clear blue eyes

EGGPAW — lanky white she-cat with tan and mahogany markings and long protruding fangs

SPRINGPAW — fluffy blue-eyed siamese with a white-brown body and brown markings

SNOWPAW — very tiny, scrawny dark grey she-cat with one white forepaw and ice-blue eyes

MOUNTAINPAW — grey-black she-cat with bright blue eyes and white markings

WILLOWPAW — pale grey she-cat with darker grey stripes and black-and-white markings and leaf-green eyes

HOLLYPAW — pointed brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and belly and green eyes

LOONPAW — white cat with black stripes and spots

MEADOWPAW — chestnut brown she-cat dappled with golden flecks, green eyes

BLOSSOMPAW — greyish-white she-cat with black-and-grey stripes and green eyes

EBONYPAW — Red swirly tabby she-cat with tealish green eyes and a cream underbelly with a curly emo hair

MISTPAW — thick-furred pale grey she-cat with darker grey splotches and bright, sky-blue eyes

LANTERNPAW — black tom with yellow eyes

SUNNY CAT — black-and-white she-cat with orange eyes and a red collar and yellow horns

SNOWPAW — silver-grey tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes

WOLFPAW — lithe silver-and-pale orange tabby she-cat with a long tail and pale green eyes

VIOLETPAW — grey tom with black forepaws, white hindpaws, and aqua blue eyes

DRIZZLEPAW — bluish-grey she-cat with different shades of bluish-grey/dapples and blue eyes

MOONPAW — dark grey tabby she-cat with olive green eyes

MINKPAW — soft lithe tabby with white chest fur and scar across right front leg and amber eyes

CINDERPAW — calico she-cat with dark grey muzzle and paws and sapphire blue eyes

GHOSTPAW — tuxedo they-cat with pitch black eyes and a scar on left eye

PERCHPAW — small orange tom with ginger stripes along his body and face and blue eyes

STONEPAW — small fluffy grey she-cat with silver markings on belly and tail

DOC — grey bengal cat with a dark brown plague mask

MOTHPAW — white she-cat with pale green eyes and a bright orange tail

BEARPAW — brown tabby she-cat with black stripes and splotches, amber eyes, and a stumpy tail

DAWNPAW — she-cat with brandy coloured fur blue eyes and white speckles

LYNXPAW — light brown with bronze stripe down back, eartufts, and black stripes, with blue eyes

MOONPAW — black demishe-cat that has a splotch of white on his chest and has blue-grey markings

FLASHPAW — red she-cat with white paws

AMBERPAW — lithe cat with bright orange fur, cream-and-black markings, and green eyes

WASPPAW — golden she-cat with black stripes a white tail tip and green eyes

TWILIGHTPAW — dark-furred she-cat with white speckles and violet eyes

DARKPAW — mostly black cat

OWLPAW — long-furred dilute tortoiseshell cat with leaf green eyes and a fluffy tail

SMALLPAW — small, lean black and white spotted she-cat with bright green eyes

TWIGPAW — reddish grey-brown she-cat with yellow-green eyes and a leaf behind her left ear

HAILPAW — light blue tom with darker blue paws and a scar over one of his eyes

CLOVERPAW — fluffy, silver she-cat with black stripes and white paws, mint-green eyes

WISTERIAPAW — siamese she-cat with lavender eyes

BERRYPAW — blue and cream tortoiseshell she-cat with bright green eyes

ECHOPAW — ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes

FERNPAW — silver cat with star-like speckled markings

KESTRELPAW — light chestnut tabby she-cat with a smaller and crippled back hind leg and paw

MOONPAW — half black-half ginger face she-cat with white and black patches on ginger body

SMOKEYPAW — black cat with pale blue eyes, white markings, and long, tangly fur

ROSEPAW — silver tabby cat with a white spotted belly and green eyes

SOFTPAW — beige-ish brown cat with grey-blue eyes and brown ear-tips

small, fluffy, black she-cat with white and orange freckles and sage green eyes

RAINYPAW — black she-cat with a grey tail and green eyes

DAISYPAW — beautiful grey she cat with white paws

STORMPAW — blue eyed she-cat with grey striped fur

LANTERNPAW — black tom with yellow eyes

FLOOFPAW — long-furred fluffy she-cat white blue-grey paws chest and ear tips

IVYPAW — sleek dark grey she-cat with leaf-green eyes

HOLLYPAW — black she-cat with dark grey stripes, one dark grey paw and green eyes

SMALLPAW — short, stubby, windclan tom with pale sandy fur, long chest fur, and bright green eyes

FLAME — orange tabby tom

COTTONPAW — white cat with black tipped ears and tail and blue eyes

YARROWPAW — yellow tabby she-cat with a scarred ear

WILLOWPAW — strong fluffy grey she-cat with blue eyes

FROSTPAW — black cat with slightly messy fur with icy blue eyes and one white paw

CLOUDPAW — very light grey cat with an orangish-red underbelly, under neck, and shoulders

SWEETPAW — dilute tortie she-cat with blue eyes and thick fur

SWIFTPAW — soft lithe tabby with white chest fur and scar across right front leg and amber eyes

RUNNINGPAW — tortoiseshell she-cat with white markings and green eyes

MIDNIGHTPAW — black she-cat with emerald-green eyes

FOXPAW — fox-like she-cat

DRAGONPAW — sleek black she-cat with two orange hind paws and orange swirls across her pelt

HAZELPAW — small, fluffy light brown tabby with white paws and green eyes

SCARPAW — dark brown tom with lighter spots, scars, and green eyes

CANARYPAW — serval she-cat with liquid-brown eyes

PUFFLINGPAW — small, fluffy silver-and-white tabby with grey stripes, grey paws. and clear blue eyes

FAITHPAW — warm brown tabby with heather-blue eyes

WILDPAW - small dark gray she-cat with emerald green eyes and white paws

BRACKENPAW — fluffy dark ginger tabby she-cat with white freckles on face and tail, deep green eyes

DEMONPAW — black with amber eyes, white chest heart, orange-red specks

BLACKPAW — large bark grey tom with amber eyes

MOONPAW — lithe black she-cat with blueish-purple eyes and a small white moon crescent on her chest

MOTHPAW — silver classic tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

REDPAW — reddish-brown cat with blue eyes, white underbelly, paws and tail tip

FLAREPAW — tortoiseshell she-cat with white markings, tan moon on forehead and lavender eyes

AMBERPAW — ginger-and-white tabby she-cat with green eyes

SHADEPAW — jet black she-cat with bright green eyes

LIGHTNINGPAW — small pure white she-cat with bright, emerald green eyes, and a battle scarred hind leg

TRICKLEPAW — tall she-cat with a white coat, zebra-like stripes across her body and greenish-blue eyes

WILDPAW — beautiful, blueish black she-cat with indigo blue eyes and marble-y silver markings

FLURRYPAW — pale silver she-cat with pale green eyes and darker gray ears and speckles

ECHOPAW — grey-black she-cat with white markings and green eyes

OTTERPAW — light brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and blue eyes

SHADEPAW — dark gray cat with one amber eye and lighter amber eye, light gray splotches

SWEETPAW — tiny dark gray fluffy she cat with sapphire blue eyes and fluffy tail

MOSSPAW — pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes and white markings

FLUFFPAW — light brown fluffy she-cat with bluish greenish eyes

FERNPAW — light brown piebald cat with dark brown eyes

ICEPAW — calico cat with a white chest and black tip on her tail and emerald green eyes

RAINYPAW — slender dilute calico she-cat with a grey tail

SQUIRRELPAW — orange she-cat with diamond-blue eyes and a thick, bushy tail

LYNXPAW — light brown tom with bronze stripe down back, eartufts, and black stripes, with blue eyes

DARKPAW — black she-cat with a white belly and paw, flame-colored tail tip, and yellow-green eyes

SPOTTEDPAW — tall cream-grey calico she-cat with long legs, ears and tail and forest green eyes

RUSTYPAW — bright orange tabby tom with blue eyes and a white belly and tail-tip

FEATHERPAW — pale white she-cat with light brown splotches and unusually pale green eyes

MISTPAW — thin gray tabby she-cat with green-blue eyes

STARPAW — light yellow she-cat with black flecks around her eyes

DAYPAW — pale golden cat with white patches, blue eyes, soft fur, and a fluffy tail

FROSTPAW — white she-cat with light gray stripes and blue eyes

REDWOOD THAT GROWS IN CRAGS — red-brown tabby tom with a nicked ear and blue-green eyes

REEDPAW — she-cat with silver lynx tabby spots on dark bluish gray fur and brown eyes

SNOWPAW — very tiny, scrawny dark grey munchkin she-cat with ice-blue eyes

STREAMPAW — pale silver tabby she-cat with a white markings, darker gray eartips, and indigo eyes

FROSTPAW — fluffy silver-and-white striped tabby cat with ice-blue eyes

SILENTPAW — light silver she-cat with blue eyes and three legs

LIGHTNINGPAW — dark ginger tom with lightning-like light ginger stripes, green eyes, and a gray chest

PIKEPAW — big, very muscular brown she-cat with many scars

SOLARPAW — white tortoiseshell cat with light brown and golden fur

ECHOPAW — grey-black she-cat with white markings and green eyes

CLOUDYPAW — all white tom with one blue and one yellow eye, and distinctive chest fluff

RIPPLEPAW — extremely fluffy black-and-white dappled she with dark blue eyes

CREAMPAW — cream-colored she-cat with gray-blue eyes

FIREPAW — brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes and a white patch on chest


LILACKIT — sleek, beautiful white she-cat with dark blue eyes

RABBITKIT — blue-grey tuxedo she-cat with bright blue eyes

ROOKKIT — lithe black she-cat with white chest and paws and sparkling green eyes

DANDELIONKIT — tall lean brown she-cat

DRAGONKIT — orange-red she-cat with bright blue eyes and small white wing markings on back

CREATIONKIT — solid brown cat with hazel eyes and long whiskers

CLOUDKIT — snow white she-cat with stunning blue eyes and a very bushy tail

TALLKIT — tall cat with a flame like pelt

FREEKIT — white cat with sparkling green eyes and gold earrings

SEAKIT— blue-ish grey she-cat with a green eye and blue eye, with darker tabby markings and lighter underbelly

MOSSKIT — tortoiseshell she-cat with dark brown splotches, long ears, and dark amber eyes

GHOSTKIT — blue-ish grey cat one white eye and one bronze eye with white blobs in places

RAVEN — black she-cat with a white dash on her chest and one white paw

HEATHERKIT — brown she-cat with jaguar-like spots and brighter muzzle, chest, underbelly and paws

HOLLYKIT — white she-cat with silver markings and sharp ice blue eyes, as well as a pink scarf

GENTLEKIT — pretty, calico she-cat with a very fluffy tail

RIVERKIT — brown she-cat with a white muzzle, cheeks, chest, paws, and belly, and green eyes

ICEKIT — playful and fun snow-white she-kit with ice-blue eyes

snow-white she-kit with ice-blue eyes

IVYKIT — she-cat with deep green eyes, a white ear, and unusual greenish-blue fur

WILLOWKIT — gray tabby she cat with one blind eye

OPALKIT — beautiful long furred silver she-cat with white markings and opal colored eyes

RATKIT — dark black tabby she-kit with light green eyes

EMBERKIT — tortoiseshell she-kit with amber eyes

SILVERKIT — white tabby she-cat with dark gray and silver markings

HAZELKIT — ginger she-cat with white paws and ears, amber eyes

MISTYKIT — small she-cat with a black and ginger spotted pelt with one purple and one green eye

IVYKIT - black she-kit with white spots on ears, front paws, and tail, has green eyes


RAYMOND – a cat you don’t deserve

COPPERCLAW – copper-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes and one white paw

DAWNMIST – graceful silver-grey tabby she-cat with green eyes

SILVERWIND – silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws

RYEHEART — fluffy white tom with light brown patches, folded ears, and golden eyes


Viperfrost and Goldenfawn update this list on alternating months. Updates are typically posted on the 1st of each month. Every six months, during June and December, there is repost month, where all BlogClanners who do not submit a repost form are taken off the allegiances.


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