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Frostpaw is an apprentice on BlogClan! They are very excited to meet you and hope you can get to know them by reading this. They are, however, not very excited to type in third person for the rest of this page.

Coding by Gracey :D (thanks so much Gracey)

(this page is in construction, so it may not be a hundred percent accurate. but we are always changing, always evolving as humans, so words can only capture a small part of who we are! :))

About Me[]


They identify as genderfluid, more specifically demifluid with a non-binary base gender identity. They're fine with any pronouns but prefer to use they/them. Their pronoums generally fluctuate, so they would greatly appreciate it if you just used they/them or asked their pronouns.

Their sexuality is questioning, though they believe they are demisexual and panromantic. They don't know yet, so they don't like to categorize their sexuality,

How To Use My Neopronouns[]


They use these pronouns. I like them. They like themself. That is their pencil. That is theirs.

Here are some of my neopronouns:


Xey uses these pronouns. I like xem. Xey likes xyrself. That is xyr pencil. That is xyrs.


Stell uses these pronouns. I like stell. Stell likes stellarself. That is stellar pencil. That is stellae.


Mi uses these pronouns. I like mist. Mi likes mistself. That is mist pencil. That is mists.


Star uses these pronouns. I like star. Star likes starself. That is star pencil. That is stars.


Rai uses these pronouns. I like rain. Rai likes rainself. That is rain pencil. That is rains.


Twi uses these pronouns. I like twil. Twi likes twilightself. That is twilight pencil. That is twilights.

History on The Blog[]

Frostpaw, known as Frosti on the blog, first arrived on the blog in January, when they were bored in quarantine and were searching up warriors articles. At first, they thought BlogClan was just a warriors article-sharing site, and they clicked away after looking at a few articles. Also, BlogClan was another color (possibly pink...?) at that time.

Then, in June, they navigated back to BlogClan through some twist of fate. This time, though, they discovered the Names Page, the Tavern, the Say Hi Page... and immediately joined.

Their first comment was on June 23rd on the Names Page, complimenting someone for their names. After that, they introduced themself to the blog and started having chaotic fun.

On... they forgot the date, they asked Cheetahheart (Cheery) to be their mentor. A few days later, Cheery asked them to be her apprentice, and they happily obliged. They often chat on a secret page, and they have written an unpublished article together.

They joined the Apprentice Army Halloween Party for about thirty minutes, winning about one or two games, before they had to go.

They made a gift for Moonspirit (Moons) on the Holiday Gift Exchange, and had lots of fun making that :DD

Right now they're hanging around in the background, not fully active but not fully inactive either.


Irl, they are a slightly shy person who is more open once you get to know them, and is (sometimes) kind and caring. Basically a Scorpio through and through!

On the blog, they are a very bubbly person who tries their best to be kind and helpful to everybody (but often isn't that successful about it).


They love to read, and are part of many fandoms such as KoTLC (Keeper of The Lost Cities), Warrior Cats, Harry Potter, PJO (Percy Jackson and The Olympians), Magnus Chase, and many more.

They also love to write. They haven't written any fanfictions on the blog yet, but hope to when they have more time!

Recently, they have picked up a bit of cat-drawing. Currently, they're working on finishing a project to draw all the mods! They've finished Embix, Goldi, Birchy, Cheeto, Rainie, and Vipie. Except they lost the link to Rainie's picture :C

Warriors Trivia[]

  • Their favorite character is Hollyleaf or Jayfeather.
  • Their favorite ship is either Raven x Barley or Ferncloud x Dustpelt.
  • They wrote one unpublished article with their mentor, Cheetahheart, debating Spottedleaf x Fireheart/star.
  • They have read all the main-arc books including A Light In The Mist, but haven't read some of the novellas and mangas.

Random Trivia[]

  • Their favorite ice-cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
  • They are Japanese!
  • Their favorite color is purple.
  • They looove to read and write and draw.
  • They are lawful neutral.
  • They are an INFP-T (Turbulent Mediator).
  • They have never had a cavity.
  • Their birthday is technically on the cusp of a Libra or a Scorpio, but personality-wise they are a Scorpio.
  • They have braces.
  • They play violin in a student orchestra and love it!
  • They're watching The Owl House.
  • They're watching Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • They're watching She-Ra and The Princesses of Power and have finished Season 1!

(To Be Continued)

Links[] (my pronouns page!)

a kitty wearing sunglasses (this is always me a hundred percent)

What People Say About Me[]

My Friends[]

Go on, add yourself! Everyone is my friend. (Tbh I didn't think I had so many friends haha)

- Frosti, because they are obviously friends with themself.(Frosti edit: How lovely to see you, my dear Frosti.)

-Nightpaw/wind (Frosti edit: ahhhh thank you Nightpaw!)

-Mossi (Mosskit/flame) (Frosti edit: thank you Mossiiiiii)

- Driftie (Snowdrift) ;D (Frosti edit: Hey, Driftie!)

- Aquila :D (Frosti edit: hi Aquila! I love your drawing of meeee)

- Luna! (Firemoon) (Frosti edit: Lunaaaaaaaa hi!)

-your adoptive sis Snowwy whos too lazy to link her name(Snowpaw/storm) (Frosti edit: SNOWWY HI)

- Graceyyy (Gracepaw/blossom) (Frosti edit: GraceyGraceyGracey hiiiiiiii my friend!) (GraceyGraceyGracey: Why hey, FrostiFrostiFrosti!) (FrostiFrostiFrosti: why hello! have you brought SpideySpideySpidey by any chance??) (GraceyGraceyGracey: Why, I bring him around all the time. SpideySpideySpidey, come out and meet FrostiFrostiFrosti! SpideySpideySpidey: scuttles in and waves arms) (FrostiFrostiFrosti: yayyayyay! *dances around with SpideySpideySpidey*)

- Lilyyyypawwwww/foxxxxx (Foxiiiiiiiiii) (Frosti edit: ello Foxi! can't believe i actually accidentally wrote my name as Foxi right now :O)

-Cheetahheart 😸 (CHEERY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - Frosti)

-Cllooooooveeerrrrr!!!!!! :D (Clover! Hi! Thanks for listing yourself as my friend :) - Frosti)

Rabbi! (hey Rabbi! - Frosti)

-Mounty! :) (Frosti: helloooo :D I love the drawing you made for me!)

Eggsnake, who you probably don't know :) (actuallyyyyy i do know you :)) if i remember correctly you're the one who made the insanely amazing drawing of the snake, right?- Frosti) (well i wouldn't call it "insanely amazing", but yeah sure i guess :D - eggy)

What Other People Say About Me[]

Just... vandalize my page in whatever way you like. :p

Frosti is amazing and does whatever they can to help the blog be awesome :) go Frosti (also what is this FONT??? This makes amazing emojis!) (ikr? thanks so much Mossi, you're amazing too! - Frosti)

Frosti is a kind, sweet, and motivating person. They helps make the blog a better place, and it would be soooooooo sad without them :( They are the star/bestie/rocker/cinnamon roll/cupcake/whatever person on the blog!!! They is also is sweetest, kindest, funniest, motivatiest, bravest, bestest, graceful-est, generous-est, modest-est. They are a bubbly person on the blog and therefore they need a *hmm* ten thousand million clapss!!! *clapss* They makes A-MAZING art, and her purrsona is soo soo cute!! They constantly inspire others to be just like them!!!!!!!! Overall, they are a supper supa suap supa AWESOME person! (Ahhhhhh thank you so much, this made my day :DD Don't you stop being supa awesome! - Frosti)

Frosti is very sweet! I absolutely adore them haha ::::D (spidey does too) I love their writing - one awesome writer we have here. And their drawings! They're absolutely lovely, I love the one they drew for me. (Check it below) Round of applause :DDDDD (claps hands in circles) Ask me to rate them on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best and I will most certainly say a thousand. Never ask me to describe them with words because I will go berserk and use up an entire page :') It's just so sad that I can't take the time to sit down and write a whole essay on how amazing Frosti is. They're always there when I want someone to talk to, they're very exciting to have a chat with :) Very bubbly is our fantastic Frosti, no one will ever dethrone them when it comes to being a rainbow cupcake. Love you forever <3 -Gracey who will bet a thousand coins that Frosti is one of the most generous blogclanners ever ❤️ (Frosti edit: AHHHHHHH ohmigosh, Gracey you are so sweet! <3 I am so lucky to have a kind and awesome friend like you and love you too, have a great day! - Frosti who knows that whoever doesn't think of Gracey as the best doesn't know who the real best is)

FROSTI IS THE SO ESRDTFYGUHI so amazing I'm so glad to have them as a friend and that they're on the blog Frosti is kind, caring and sweet and we're all so lucky ❤❤❤❤ -Foxiiiiiii (Frosti edit: Foxi tysm, the blog is lucky to have you as well ❤ also ignore the fact that I copy pasted that heart from your writing :P)

Frosti is super sweet and friendly and just plain awesome!-Snowwy (Frosti edit: Thank you sooo much Snowwy, you're awesome too!)

Frosti Is the best person ever, kind, caring, loyal, loving, i could do this all day! She is an apprentice of great valor, and I love her with all my heart. I normally don't become REAL friends with online people, but, a couple of months ago, Frosti changed that for me. She became the best online friend i have ever had. She brightened my life, and i will always love that about her. Despite her name, Frosti has a heart of fire, and i will always cherish her in my heart, until the day we part. -Cheetahheart (Cheery, since you don't have a place to write things like this in your page, I'll just write it here: you are the bestest online friend I have ever and will ever have. I love you too, and thank you so much for writing this whole paragraph about me ❤️ It means a lot to me! I am so, so, so, soo lucky to have you as my friend and my mentor. - Frosti ❤️❤️❤️)

Frosti is the most awesome person ever! Frosti you are:


Really cool


Super kind



- Clola! (Ahh Clola thank you so much, you are all of these and more as well! - Frosti)

Yeah I'm writing another one but Frosti is aweesome,super cool,nice,and a great friend!-Snowwy (ooh ty once more my favorite adopted sis (actually you're the only adopted sister that i'm actually sure is my adopted sis but :'D))

Frosti is super duper cool, (no pun indented, it's just the truth :D ) clever, colorful, compassionate, funny, confident, creative, generous, talented, sweet, kind, and a whole bunch of other amazing things that would make even Jayfeather beam ~Mounty (tysm Mountyy! and yes, I am very cool! *wink wink* -Frosti)

My Art[]

Art of Me[]

Feel free to add any art! I usually lose all of my requests...

My Relatively New Art[]

My Old Art[]

This is relatively old art that I drew! I'm still pretty proud of them, though.

My Writing[]

I have mostly short one-shot AUs done, but if you want to read them here you are:

When The Leaves Are Poisoned — An Evil Leafpool AU (I think this was for an AU-gust competition? by Ospreysplash?)

Honeyfern AU One-Shot (this was a gift to Pinestripe for winning my NTA!)

Betrayal — An Evil Reyna Fanfiction (this is a gift to Gracey for winning my NTA! it's unfinished and ongoing, and is also about Reyna Avila Ramirez-Allerano, a character in PJO/HOO whom me and Gracey both adore) (Gracey: *Busts in via breaking the door* DID I HEAR RARA?!) (Frosti: shush shush pretend you didn't hear)

Sunpaw's Regret (this is a fanfic that I'm currently writing! it's based upon Whiteshade's Whatnot (which is a fanfic that i wrote years ago when I was bored, which was based on the villain of Blossomfern's Oath, which was based on... and I'm rambling about this :P))

If You Wanna Talk To Me[]

BlogClan Wikia[]

My message wall is ALWAYS open for anybody to chat with me! Please keep in mind that I am very busy irl and I may not respond to you immediately. But I love chatting with other people, so please drop me a message on my message wall whenever you can! (but don't spam :P)

If you want to chat with me on here, please don't forget to ping me by typing @Frosti The Cupcake! Otherwise I have no way of knowing that you're talking to me :P


My DMs are always open there, too! My tag is frosti the cupcake#0602 . I may not be that active on Discord, but feel free to send me a friend request and a DM! But before that if it's possible could you tell me who you are? Because I'm unfortunately not that smart enough to recognize people :'D


My Wattpad account is Sakura-Blossom144. (the numbers are one, four, four respectively... why does this font not have numbers :C) You are welcome to drop me a message there as well; however, I might not be as active there. (buuuut i'll always be there if you message me gracey :DD) (Gracey: Miss queen of lovelieness, you are the true champion. Behold, everyone, her highness Frosti! Oh and I feel like I'm vandalizing your page a bit too much... oops) (Frosti: noooo I promise vandalism is encouraged in my realm of loveliness :DDDD especially vandalism that is lovely!)